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Training at Your Site

CERT Basic Training Course at Your Site

Morgan Hill CERT can deliver the CERT Basic Training Course to your business, or any other organization.

All we ask of a sponsoring organization is that they:

  • Guarantee at least 20 participants with a commitment to complete all classes

  • Classes are 2 to 2.5 hours each. The series includes 7 classes plus an off site Skills Day at a Morgan Hill CERT Training Facility. The Skills Day can be split into two sessions of 3.5 hours each.

  • Provide a suitable room for classes with chairs and tables for all participants

  • Provide a practice area where students can get on the floor to practice medical triage

  • Provide a room that can be darkened and searched. This should be a room large enough that students will be able to feel their way around the perimeter and search with flashlights for victims. Furniture will be moved, chairs overturned, etc. to simulate an earthquake. When we are finished, the room will look like we were never there.

  • Provide a space in a parking lot for the Fire Safety demonstration / practice. This is an area at least the size of 4 parking spaces in each of 2 adjoining rows where we can locate the Bullex firepan (a propane powered open flame burner) and have students approach with fire extinguishers.

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