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CERT Basic Training Course

We offer the CERT Basic Training Course several times each year. These classes are open to residents and people who work in Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy and the surrounding unincorporated county. Mature minors age 12-17 are welcome with a parent, guardian or Scout Leader. Register for the October '23 CERT Basic Training Course here

Each CERT Basic Training Course is seven classes followed by a drill. We operate under a train and maintain model where CERT Basic Training Course graduates are welcome to continue to be active members.

Access and Functional Needs

Morgan Hill CERT strives to include all the public. If you have access or functional needs that need to be addressed for you to take the training or to function as a member of the team, please let us know in advance so we can make any necessary accommodations. In Morgan Hill CERT, there is a place for everyone.

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